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Who we are

Sims and Associates, LLC. is a small business that provides consulting for two separate entities, including but not limited to, Practice Management for Medical and Dental establishments and Small Business Consulting for any type of existing or start-up business.

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What we do

We provide in-house services with the help of outsourcing solutions. We help Practices manage their business by increasing revenue up to 20% annually. We also help provide FREE consultations for existing and start-up small business. We have created partnerships with other companies that specialize in Practice Management and Business Consulting. There is no project that is considered out of our range.

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Why choose us?

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We are here every step of the way!  Our packages are customized to your liking and we assist you step by step. Our team is available 6 days a week for increased client productivity.
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Our strategy is to assure that our clients are satisfied. During collaboration we provide open communication and a strategic project proposal. Each project is heavily monitored and to assure 100% Client Satisfaction.
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Sims and Associates, LLC., has built a team that can work independently and in group settings. It is important to build healthy relationships with all staff, clients, and external partners. Management has been trained to meet the needs of the customer and to reconcile differences for the best interest of the client and company.
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We have equipped all staffing members with the necessary tools to perform within their daily duties, however, it is important that we continue to exercise changes and keeping our staff and clients abreast with the latest marketing updates. Training is ongoing and will always be apart of our brand.
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Consulting is what we specialize in. Our two divisions are tailored to medical and dental practices and small businesses, existing or start-up companies. We offer many services that  fall under each umbrella. We have partnered with other companies and individuals to assist with most size projects.
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Sims and Associates, LLC provides customized billing services for medical and dental practices. Since the inception of the business, we also assist small businesses and start-up companies with billing, if needed.
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